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1870's Day dress

Design and Construction

scroll down for initial costume illustration and pattern information



Seen from the side the wearer seems to press forward, followed by her trappings...’

Nenton p.37 Health Art and Reason, Dress re- formers of the Nineteenth Century 


The seperate bodice and skirt style. overskirt pulled up at the back through tapes. Corset worn underneath for shaping:


Jacket Bodice

with reference to day dress with bodice (1873)
Nineteenth Century Fashion in Detail, Victoria and Albert Museum (2005)

Screen printed with opaque binder.variety of trimmings as decoration on cuffs and neckline.


Mid Length Corset | 1860s

Laced at the back to give a smooth front to jacket bodice.

Corsets were relatively short up until 1875 when the cuirasse bodices became fashionable and a tighter laced corset that shaped over the hips was required for the changing silhouette.


Overskirt and underskirt

Tie backs to achieve ruching.
Ruffle and knife pleat detail around hem of both skirts. 


Small Crinoline (below)

from Nora Waugh, Corsets and Crinoliness (1954) p.95
1870s silhouette (A-line at front, emphasis towards the back)